Dry hands

This is a totally random post, but I would like to hear what you guys do.

I wash my hands a million times a day. I have to pee a lot and every time I change LM’s diaper, or make him food, or clean something I am always washing my hands.  The cold weather makes it even worse.  Hubs is always telling me I need to use more lotion and I do sometimes. A lot of the time I feel like I am just going to do something very soon where I have to wash my hands and the lotion will wash off so what is the point?  I have started using body lotion in the shower to see if that helps but, I doubt it. What do you guys do?

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  1. Between me and the wee-lings, I end up using a lot of lotion each day. I really like the aveeno baby eczema stuff for the kids really dry skin (and it makes my hands feel great). Lanolin cream (think breastfeeding) works really well on particularly chapped and dry skin. I use it on Ginny and Pip’s thumbs/fingers that they chew on all the time, and it helps when I get seriously dry spots on my hands and elbows.

    I also use a homemade sugar scrub on my hands after I’ve been working in the kitchen (when I’m cooking I wash my hands constantly). It’s just white sugar combined with vegetable oil and a few drops of lemon essential oil. It leaves my hands feeling clean, moisturized, and they smell great too. I use the same combo, only with peppermint essential oil, for my feet.

  2. I’ve heard of people putting vaseline on their hands and then putting their hands in ziploc bags or socks overnight! Never tried it but apparently the overnight treatment and the Vaseline’s gooeyness does the trick!

  3. FCblacksheep

    Ugh, my hands are already cracking. I try to lotion as much as I can. Vaseline intensive care is good and I’ve used burt’s bees in the past. One thing that really worked which is odd is, when they were horrible I’d lotion them up at night and wear gloves while sleeping to lock in the moisture. Oh and make sure to wear gloves whenever you go out in the cold. I was just thinking I need to take care of mine before they get worse.

  4. I have horribly dry hands. I use Alba Bontanica (http://www.albabotanica.com/body/body-moisturizers/maximum.html) and love it. It seems to keep the moisture in and my hands don’t get chapped. When it’s really cold (although that means something different to those of us in California), I use a combination of beeswax and shea butter to keep my hands from getting too dry. My cousin, who is a doctor (and washes her hands A LOT) swears by Nivea (the stuff in the tub). Good luck!

  5. Jen

    Hey there, thanks for the comment on my blog. I would like to hear more about this disorganized swallowing! I couldn’t get your email to work since it’s embedded in your page and I don’t have outlook on my home computer. If you email me, I will respond that way!
    Jen from Within Reach

  6. Carli

    I also have some terribly dry hands as well. What has worked in the past for me is to lube them up liberally and wear cotton gloves overnight. I have tried several different types of creams and all of them work pretty well – but I would try something you have at home first before you go buy a new cream. I think the cotton gloves locking in the moisture does the trick more so than the cream itself – although I have found that clear creams (perhaps with a petroleum base) seem to work the best for me.
    Lanolin does work, but I don’t like the “sticky” feeling, so I don’t use it on my hands, just my lips.
    Best of luck to surviving the winter without cracks!

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