Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Food frustrations

Seems like I mostly post here when I have an issue.  I guess that’s what blogs are for. But I should also try to post the positive stuff.  Like LM is doing well on similac alimentum.  Like I finally found a nipple I like – dr brown’s number four.  Faster than a three and slower …

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Bottle help

So we are about four days in with similac alimentum.  I think it’s going pretty well.  LM has stopped throwing up which I’m so happy about.  He has slowly spaced out his feedings and is eating more.  We are at 5 ounces or so every four hours.  Phew.  For a while he was eating every …

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The stomach bug hits again

We were having a normal evening on thursday when all of a sudden LM started throwing up. He threw up five times that night within an hour or so.  I called my parents because they were scheduled to come visit this past weekend and I wanted to warn them.  They decided to still come and …

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