Hello Flo

This past week I have been so hungry. I’ve been trying to keep to my calorie goal, but I kept over-snacking and going over by a bit. I was feeling frustrated since I was still two pounds above where I was at the beginning of December. Friday afternoon it was time to exercise, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was tired, but made myself walk down there and do it anyways. I ran for about 1.3 miles and then just walked the last bit for a total of thirty minutes. I tried. Then on satuday AF showed up! Ah ha!

Since exercising this is the second time I have been able to get her on my own with out any medicines or birth control. I’m pretty proud of myself. I seem to get her every two months. My last one was in November. I have an app that tracks my period and there was about 13 days less between this cycle and the one before so maybe it’s regulating itself. Or maybe I will just get one every two months which isn’t horrible. The really interesting thing though is that through weighing myself every single day I have noticed that when I do get my period that very day I lose weight. I have googled around and it seems like most people get bloated and gain weight when their period comes and then they lose weight when it’s over. I still get bloated, but I lose weight when she shows up. Like my hormones build up and have been waiting for her and she finally shows and then they go normal again. I weighed myself today and I am down 1.7 pounds from saturday. So I am now back to where I was at the beginning of December. It seems like every time I miss a period I gain about a pound of water or hormonal weight and then when she finally shows up it goes away. So if I have my period every two months I am always going to have that much more water/hormonal weight. Does anyone have anything similar happen to them? I am hoping that when she goes away I don’t gain back quickly and I am able to get to my small goal weight which is only about 1.6 pounds away. *fingers crossed* I’m going to try to do an exercise video this afternoon to help with keeping the calories down this weekend.

We are supposed to get freezing rain today and it is really cold. I hope wherever you guys are you stay safe and warm.

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