Still chugging along

Sorry for the blogging hiatus again. I have been meaning to blog again, I have had many topics in my head, yet it’s hard to find time to sit down and actually blog.

What’s up in Lowfatlady land?

LM is almost three. He will be three in three weeks. Craziness. He is a smart and funny kid.  He still eats small quantities of food or skips dinner altogether sometimes, but we are doing a lot better in that the times he doesn’t eat anything are getting less and less.

Right now we are tackling potty training.  I have been hesitant because of his mega constipation issues. He has been going pee pee in the potty at daycare for a while now though only recently has it become more consistent. They are going to move him to the three year old room in the next couple of weeks and some of his teachers have mentioned how we should be working on potty training at home so he won’t notice that he is the only one not doing it and feeling down about it. They suggested the cold turkey going straight into underwear approach on a long weekend so that is what we went with.  I read online about the three day potty training method so I assumed it would be like that. We put him in undies friday afternoon after daycare and he did pretty well that afternoon. Saturday he did great. By sunday we were all tired and he started resisting. It didn’ t go well.  Monday I talked to his main teacher about it since she knows what she is doing with potty training and she gave me some suggestions. So now we are taking him every hour and giving lots of praise and staying positive. She said it could take a couple of weeks.  He does pretty well with peeing on the potty, but going poop is another story. I hear it’s harder to teach and I’m sure his constipation issues make it worse. So we are working on it.  LM sometimes refuses to wash his hands after so the way we have been getting around it is to have a bubble party which is washing his hands and just having fun with the bubbles or wiping his hands with an antibacterial wipe when he won’t wash his hands at all.  At the end of the day when he is tired he is less likely to do well with the potty and to try so we have ended up in diapers around 7-8pm with bed at 8. I know we aren’t supposed to go back and forth with diapers and underwear but it’s pretty close to bed time and by the end of the day both of us are ready to have a break. So fingers crossed things keep progressing.


I’m still working out and counting calories. I stopped running as I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and got into the exercise classes at my fitness center. I do step aerobics on Mondays, a cardio/strength training class on Thursdays, and a cardio mix class on Fridays. I used to go to the gym on my own on Wednesday instead of the class on Thursday, but I really enjoy the class atmosphere, I burn more calories, and I want to learn/get into strength training so I started going to the Thursday class.  My favorite class is step aerobics and I’m getting pretty good at it. I’m getting more of the advanced steps though it still takes me a little bit to get the more complicated ones. I would like to add another set of risers to my step, but I’m short so having two sets makes me out of breath more and harder to do the more complex moves.

I am still eating more to lose weight. I upped my calories from 1270 to 1700, but then with the help of my fitbit realized that 1700 was a little too high so on days I don’t work out I eat about 1500 and on the days I work out I eat about 1700. I have lost about 47 pounds so far and I am about three pounds away from my first goal weight. My ultimate goal weight is 13 pounds away, but I am wondering if I should just forget the number and focus more on strength training.

This month has been hard on my family as we have lost two family members within about three weeks. They were relatives I wasn’t especially close with, but still. That paired with toilet training stress, me desperately needing a vacation, and AF right around the corner is making for a cranky Lowfatlady who is starting to feel overwhelmed and just done with things when everything piles on. I am usually fine again a few hours later but ugh I need a break.

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