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Where did you go?

First of all thank you for all of your birthday wishes. I did manage to have a good birthday/ It’s amazing the difference between my birthday last year and this year. Last year at this time I was losing my job, wasn’t working at a great place, and not many people that were not family …

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Is she?

Yesterday while shopping I felt like af was imminent. I went to the bathroom and wiped and had pink and a tiny bit on my pad. I was spotting. Damn. I was upset, but didn’t let it out. All through out the day I kept checking and she never got any heavier so I figured …

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I’m out

While out shopping with my mom I started to get that feeling. Went to the bathroom and she is just about here. I’m spotting. That really sucks. I’m ok now I guess, I really haven’t had a chance to dwell on it yet because I’ve been shopping with my mom. Good timing on that. I”m …

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