Today I googled around and found a walking training program. Ever since having my cold I have been lower on energy and a bit less into running. I found one that was an interval program based off of heart rates. I did the math and figured out the right heart rate for me, but it seemed a like a lot of switching back and forth. I probably won’t follow that plan, but it got me thinking about heart rates and how they work with exercise. I have always wondered if I push myself enough in my work outs.

When I got to the gym I hopped on the treadmill and started walking. I upped the speed some to see where my heart rate was. I was surprised to see the speed I had been walking at had my heart rate sorta low. I kept upping the speed until I was walking around where I ran my slow run – 4 mph and I still wasn’t in a really high heart rate zone. It really surprised me that I was able to walk at this speed and made me realize my work outs have been too slow. I also enjoyed it more than I have running recently. At the end of my work out I felt like I had worked harder and better than recently. It got me to thinking about working out in my correct heart rate more and trying walking more and seeing how it goes.

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