Monthly Archives: June, 2013


I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while so I wanted to write an update? What’s going on in our world? In less than a month – 29 days to be exact LM is going to be TWO. How did that happen? We are just going to have a little get together with my …

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Vitamin D

When I went for my check up at the RE’s office I learned I was vitamin D deficient. My level was 14.7 and it was supposed to be at least 30. I am not surprised as I avoid milk products because they bug me and my office has no windows. I learned a lot of …

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Nice afternoon

Yesterday after lunch I was sitting at my desk thinking about my afternoon. It was a gym day for me so I had my gym bag with my change of clothes. However, it was beautiful out and I wasn’t in the mood to just go to the gym. I have fallen off my gym schedule …

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