Cold turkey

So yesterday was interesting. LM has had a cold for three weeks with a nasty cough. Brought him to the doctors last week and they said it was a sinus infection. He has been on antibiotics since Thursday. I brought him back yesterday after work because his cough wasn’t getting better. They added pulmocort but said it was just a cold now.

While at the doctors I tried not using a stroller for the first time. He wanted to go everywhere and touch things and I kept thinking of the germs everywhere. He would screech every time I would try to get him to go a way he didn’t want. I think we are getting close to the terrible twos.

I went home after the drs and let him run around before we had to go back out to get the pulmocort. He was not happy to be back in the seat.

Earlier in the day I had talked to his feeding therapist about how well he was doing and how he might be done soon. She was talking about giving his bottles to santa to get rid of them. LM gets a bottle first thing in the am, gets three sippy cups at daycare with am and pm snack and lunch, and then bottles when he gets home except for his sippy cup of apple juice with his constipation meds.

I don’t know why I picked yesterday – I guess I had it in my head – but I decided we are going cold turkey with his bottles. He is 16.5 months and does it in daycare. Why not at home? He was not happy with me and there was much screaming and crying and throwing of the sippy.

I really hope this afternoon goes better. I have his cold and just want a calmer afternoon. Maybe if I let him enjoy the nice weather this afternoon he will be more into it. We are trying to be consistent with the sippys daycare uses (the normal plastic  spout with little holes) but they aren’t my favorite. I hope this only gets better and better and he gets the hang of it.

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  1. Carli

    I wish you the best of luck in your transition. I had it easy with Carder, so I don’t really have any words of “tried and true” advise to offer up.

    I realize you are probably trying for uniformity based on his prior feeding issues and that works best for him. However, if you find that approach isn’t working, perhaps you might want to consider a different cup prior to just throwing in the towel.
    if the sippy cups you are using aren’t your favorites (or more importantly HIS favorite), you may have better luck if you let him use the favorites at home rather than the ones they use at day care.
    Or perhaps you could have a couple of options of cups available for him to choose from – make him feel like he has the power. He can’t have the bottle, but he can choose between this cup and that cup…

    Once again, good luck!

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