About LM

I feel like I haven’t written about LM in ages so here is a post all about him. Right now he is two and a half.

Loves to sing. Most times you will find him playing and singing songs. He knows most if not all the words too.
His favorite song is wheels on the bus. He will sing this song over and over all day. He can turn anything into wipers to do the motions on this song.
His favorite shape is a circle because he can pretend it is the money on the bus.
He loves watching YouTube videos of children’s songs. He can watch an hour of just different versions of wheels on the bus. We try not to let him watch that much, but it happens sometimes.
His favorite color is blue. He has to eat his yogurt with his blue spoon.
His favorite piece of clothing is his red zip up hoodie. When he won’t wear anything else, he will always wear his hoodie.
His favorite foods are hotdogs, ketchup, chocolate, noodles, and cheese. He will dip anything into ketchup.
He is very sweet and is always ready for a hug. He will give you a kiss and say I love you if you ask for it.
When he gets a boo boo kisses make everything better.
Playing under the kitchen table is more fun then actually eating dinner.
He is big into imaginative play and is very verbal.
He loves to do things himself and to help mommy and daddy
Trains and toy cars
Jumping on the bed
Puree fruit/beg pouches. This is how I get his vegetables in him and he will eat the pouches when he won’t eat anything else

Eating. He eats such small portions of food at meals.
When he takes too big of a bite and there is still food sticking out
Going poop as he gets constipated from his favorite dairy foods
Getting dressed. It is a huge ordeal every morning, which makes it hard when I am trying to get out of the house for work.
New clothes. He rather wear the same pieces over and over and throws a fit when say a new hat or fleece is brought into the mix.
Waking up fully in the morning
Not being able to do something on his own
When the TV isn’t on a baby channel

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