Last day of the year

I can’t believe today is the last day of the year. I started exercising and losing weight in this year. I hope that it continues into 2014.

Since my husband is off and I am working he went grocery shopping for me and picked up a few dinners for the week. I didn’t specify what to buy. He decided to get some things that we haven’t had in a while. However, there was a reason we hadn’t had them in a while – they are all high calorie. Last night we had the highest calorie one because I had exercised and walked a lot that day. It was a chicken tortillini. Before working out/watching what I eat I thought nothing of eating half the container of pasta. However, now when I look at that package it is supposed to be five servings worth. It isn’t enough food for five servings, but that is what it’s listed as. Some other dinners he got were chicken pot pie and turkey kelbasa which isn’t too bad. I was like there is a reason I haven’t been buying that stuff, because I have a hard time only eating a small amount when I’m hungry of that stuff and it’s high calorie. I made him feel bad like he got all the wrong stuff and I feel bad about it. Now he feels like he doesn’t want to go grocery shopping. Maybe if I give him a list and am more specific next time it will go better. I will have to think of something to make him feel better about going grocery shopping again because I find it very helpful when he goes.

I had run about 30 minutes on the treadmill earlier in the day and I still felt guilty about eating a little over 800 calories in pasta. So after LM went to bed I did some of an exercise video that kicked my butt. I was tired because it was the end of the day and tired from running so it wasn’t the best workout, but in the end I had about 150 calories left for the day. That isn’t bad. I said I ran about 30 minutes because towards the end of my running I got a phone call from daycare. They let me know LM pooped on the potty. That is pretty awesome. I wish he would do it at home too. They say it’s the peer pressure of everyone going on the potty at daycare.

For new years eve I think we are doing pizza for dinner and staying in. We normally do sushi, but we wanted to get something that LM likes as well. I wonder if veggie pizza has less calories than pepperoni. I doubt I will be awake at midnight. Maybe I will make it till 10:30. I was joking with my husband and told him maybe I will just watch the Sprout new years special since it will be on at 8pm lol.

I hope everyone has an amazing new year!

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  1. Happy New Year! And congrats on all the hard work!

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