Monthly Archives: February, 2014


This weekend was not fun. LM was very constipated all weekend. We give him juice (1oz prune, 3oz apple, plus miralax) every night, but this wasn’t cutting it. Part of the problem I believe was that he had had too much dairy recently. He had been doing good with getting extra juice if he starts …

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Today I googled around and found a walking training program. Ever since having my cold I have been lower on energy and a bit less into running. I found one that was an interval program based off of heart rates. I did the math and figured out the right heart rate for me, but it …

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About LM

I feel like I haven’t written about LM in ages so here is a post all about him. Right now he is two and a half. Likes Loves to sing. Most times you will find him playing and singing songs. He knows most if not all the words too. His favorite song is wheels on …

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