We have thought that LM had seasonal allergies for a while. Last year we just gave him a bath a lot during the summer to get rid of the pollen and outdoor allergies he got on him from playing outside. It seemed to work pretty well. The other week we were at a sick visit at the pediatrician’s office with a different doctor. She suggested that we try children’s zyrtec once a day to help with his allergies and prevent more ear infections. I was ready to give it a shot and to hopefully prevent more ear infections.

The first bottle we got was grape flavored and he hated the flavor. I had gotten grape because the amoxocillian was bubble gum flavored and I was trying to give him something different. He refused to take it and covered his mouth. We then found a bubble gum flavored one he tolerated more. He slept through the night and it seemed to help. Though recently in the mornings he has been a lot more fussy, cranky, and argumentative. This morning it was awful. He did not want to eat breakfast or get dressed which is not fun when I was trying to get out of the house and make sure he at least ate and drank something. I wondered if the ear infection isn’t completly gone.

However, when I got to work I googled zyrtec and side effects on children. One of the very first posts I came across was a huge amount of mom’s saying that their children had negative behavior changes on zyrtec. They because unhappy, cranky, and aggressive. Once they stopped the zyrtec their normal kids came back. That got me to thinking if it’s the zyrtec causing the issue. I did schedule a dr’s appointment for tomorrow afternoon to check his ears, but we also decided we aren’t going to give him his zyrtec tonight. If he is a million times better tomorrow morning than that will mean to me that I am not going to give it to him again. *fingers crossed tomorrow morning is better*

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  1. FCblacksheep

    We did the daily bath thing too for the same reason. I remember my SIL thinking it was kind of weird and then I explained it a little more. I think she thought we were obsessive compulsive about germs or something. LOL. We have two doctors and a nurse practitioner and oddly the NP has recommended Zyrtec but both doctors have said they’d prefer her to not have it yet. They sell homeopathic medicine in the office and there is one that is suited for allergies. It’s supposed to be all natural and her doctor said it works. If I can find the sheet, I’ll comment again with the name. The NP also mentioned clariton so maybe that’s an option. That’s always worked for me. Hope he’s feeling better!

    • Thanks! I am sorry your sil thought it was weird, but it does work. Ooh I would like the name of that med. Sounds interesting.

      We were at the doc yesterday and she said maybe he was upset about something else. To possibly try the zyrtec again in a bit. If same reaction maybe try claratin like you said. She said kids who have allergies are more likely to get colds an then those turn into ear infections. Blech.

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