Monthly Archives: April, 2012

The great stroller debate

The hubs and I want to get LM a new stroller soon.  We originally went with a stroller frame – the snap and go – and we LOVE it.  It is just a frame where you place the car seat in and go.  Very light and it was cheap.  However, now that LM is older …

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A couple of weeks ago we scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician to talk about his weight issues.  This was last tuesday (hub’s birthday). Thankfully, the week before was our feeding evaluation and he had been on antibiotics so he had gained weight.  We talked about putting some sort of calorie supplement in his food, …

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8.5 months

I have wanted to write for a bit, but we have been busy and every time I get a chance to write I am either exhausted or can’t think of all those good ideas I had to write like right now.  Come on sleepy brain wake up.  Maybe part of that reason is that I’m …

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