My TTC Journey

May 2006- Married

November 2008 – Went of BC after being on it for years and years to get it out of my system

January 2009 – Ready to start TTC

February 2009 – May 2009 – Period goes missing for three months

June 2009- Finally go see my RE and go on provera to get period

July -August 2009 – First medicated cycle with RE, clomid 50mg, four small follicles, cycle canceled because follicles are too small, put on Prometrium and told will try Clomid again at 100mg next cycle.

August – September 2009 – Second medicated cycle with RE, started Clomid 100mg, three small follicles and my first mature follicle, first time using the ovidrel injection, BFN.

September – October 2009 – High LH levels.  Put on BC pills for this cycle to suppress LH levels and put on Metformin to see if it helps as well.  First week 500mg and increasing 500mg the next two weeks to equal 1500mg by week three.

October – December 2009 – 1500mg of Metformin XR (two at night and one in the morning) and 100mg of clomid for seven days. Finally get to try on day 30th with one follicle, used ovidrel. BFN.

December – January 2009 – Break, on birth control to regulate hormones again before moving on.

January – February 2010 – 1500mg of Metformin XR and 2.5mg of Femara for five days. Cycle cancelled with too little of a response. Took Prometrium to bring on period. Waited two weeks and period did not show. Went in on day 15 of no period and called it day 3 with a baseline ultrasound.

March – April 2010 – 1500mg of Metformin XR and 5mg of Femara on cd 3-7. Starting on day 11 50 iu of Follitism. BFN

April 2010 – May 2010 – 1500mg of Metformin XR, started at 50iu of Follistim, moved up two clicks through monitoring. BFN

May 2010-June 2010 – Month off, on birth control.

June 2010-July 2010 – Follistim try #3. Started on 58iu of Follistim ended up on 2 clicks above 75iu’s of follistim. Injected for three weeks and follies never grew past 14mm. Estrogen started dropping and got cancelled.

July 2010-August 2010 – Month off, on birth control

August 2010- Sept 2010 – Mini IVF protocol – 20 units of lupron for a week on bc pills, then off bc pills continuing lupron at 20 units. Got period and then started at 10 units lupron, 100iu follistim, and 10 units of mini hcg until trigger. 53 shots total through out this cycle. First two IUI’s back to back. BFN.

September – October 2010 – Three weeks of birth control

October-November 2010 – One more shot at the mini IVF protocol. 20 units of lupron for a week on bc pills, then off bc pills continuing lupron at 20. Got period and then started 5 units of lupron, 10 units of mini hcg, and 91.6 units of Follistim until trigger. Ended up being 65 shots. Only one IUI this time.
BFP! Though thought to be an ectopic non-viable pregnancy. Progesterone started at 1.
Beta #1 – 167
Beta #2 – 272
Beta #3 – 518
Beta #4 – 860
Pregnancy found in my uterus! Not ectopic! Put on progesterone in oil shots and progesterone went up to 22.



  1. babybaker

    good luck in your journey. oh, and thank for adding me to your blog roll. i added you to mine as well. i’ll be following along!

  2. We both went of bc and started TTC the same months. I’ve added you to my blogroll. I hope for good new for the both of us very soon. 🙂

  3. AP

    I am going through the same thing. My period has been MIA for 41/2 months since stopping bc. It should come anyday now that I’m done with progesterone. I’ll be following and thinking of you.


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