Saturday exercise

For my Saturday exercise video I found a zumba class on YouTube. I think they were from England because of their accents. I liked listening to them. There was a younger guy leading the class. Right before the song started he would break down some of the moves of the song which was helpful. I would do that video again and thought about leaving a comment on the video.

Exercising on Saturday really does help with keeping my weight steady during the weekend. Thank goodness for that. I am only about two pounds away from where I was at the beginning of December.

I ran on Friday with level one of the hill program and I hope it will help me to do well whenever I get outside. I ran 22 minutes, but then I accidentally hit the off button with my arm. Doh. I was going to do 30 so I guess it wasn’t too bad. So I just finished off my gym time with some strength training.

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