Monthly Archives: December, 2011

My purse

We took LM to the doctor on friday morning just to make sure everything was ok before the long weekend.  He has had stuffiness for a couple of weeks that never turned into anything and then the last week or so he got a bit more stuffy and developed a tiny cough. I wanted them …

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I have been thinking about feeding LM solids for a really long time.  I’ve been thinking about what his reaction will be like, how it will go, what foods he will like, making the food on my own since I wasn’t able to breast feed and how that will go, and wondering if feeding him …

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Reflux tips

If you actually read my blog from my blog and not a google reader or something you will notice the different look.  I just picked a template that came with wordpress for a change. I will probably change it again at some point.  I am thinking of expanding this blog and writing about more things …

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