Monthly Archives: November, 2011

4 months

Happy 4 months little man! I can’t believe he is four months old. What is new with little man recently? Last time he got weighed he was just about 14 pounds.  He will get weighed tomorrow at a doctor’s visit and I bet he will be 14 pounds and maybe half way to 15 pounds. …

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Stomach bug continued *edited*

I’m feeling better, but now the hubby has the stomach bug. No fun. Since everyone has had a turn with it I hope that means that we will be done with being sick for a while soon. I can hope anyways. I was really wondering about his reflux medicine trouble so I called my dr’s …

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GER and stomach bug

So last I wrote LM had the stomach bug and was throwing up and had diarrhea. We are now on day 6 of this marathon sickness. However, in the last few days I had noticed that he does well during the day with no throwing up and then later in the day he throws up. …

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