Bad poster

We are still here. Doing pretty good. LM has a cold with a junky cough. We are using a nebulizer twice a day so hopefully that will make it go away soon.

He is doing so well. He is not gagging and eating well at lunch and dinner most of the time. His feeding therapist thinks he is doing great and actually said that she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He loves books and is starting to imitate animal noises. He knows the sounds for cat and dog, and sometimes cow lol.  He is still on pediasure but I am going to talk to his Dr about switching to whole milk. He imitates much of what we do and I think may be dropping his morning nap. He only gets it on the weekends anyways.

Recently I bought LM this suction bowl system. I wanted to try to get him to use a bowl yet not be able to throw it. I couldn’t find any that just had a suction cup on the bottom. I ended up buying one that has this mat you put down on the high chair tray that is sorta sticky. There is a circle on the mat that suctions the bowl. When I put it on LM’s tray he tugged on the bowl for as second and then immediately figured out how to get the mat to come off so the whole system wouldn’t work. So much for that!

I recently caved and bought a new toy – a 7inch tablet – the nexus 7. I was thinking of getting an IPad, but this one is cheaper and almost as good. It has helped me with commenting more which is great.  It is easier to do on a nicer and bigger screen. So I am going to try to blog/comment more often. I know I know you guys have heard it before.

Work might get interesting soon with more work or a shift in what I am doing so guess I will have to wait and see.

I am in a small cleaning kick. Today I scrubbed down our shower which really needed to be done. Now if I could just get the motivation to exercise. I really want too, but it’s hard to just get up and do it.

I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to reading your blogs.

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  1. Tis the season for colds and grossness, eh? I still can’t believe how stressful it is when they’re sick. Hope LM gets well soon!

    Yay for the new tablet! New toys are always fun.

    Those bowls with the suction cups never seem to work, at least not for long. My MIL was adamant that it would stop Ginny from trying to throw her bowl around, so she gave us a plate with the suction cup thingy. Ginny had it figured out in less than 5 minutes. 🙂 Hope you find a way to help LM.

  2. Marianne

    So glad he is eating better!!

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