How I lost the weight so far

A lot of people have asked me along the way what I have been doing to lose the weight I have lost (approximately 30 pounds). Keep in mind I am only doing what works for me, I’m not a professional, and I’m not perfect. I still have a really hard time with eating more than I should on the weekend and gaining a pound or two over the weekend. I’m in that cycle right now and it’s really frustrating. I know it’s hard during the holiday season. With my current goal I have about 15 more pounds left to lose.

In March I joined a gym. I was just walking on the treadmill. Just trying to get some exercise in. I am not sure how consistent I was, but I tried to go three times a week. Then one day I found myself running instead of walking. It got me to thinking about the Couch 2 5k program. I had done it once, but quit after week three because that is when more of the running kicks in. I decided to try it again and did really well. I loved listening to the podcasts people had made and this time finished the program. In the end I could run 30 minutes straight, but not necessarily a 5k because I"m short and run slow. After I finished the program I tried to keep the running up, but I wasn’t sure what to do so I went back to walking. I talked to someone at the gym and ended up doing the hill program on the treadmill which is pretty good and you can burn a lot of calories using it. I tried some other machines, but I never was as good as I was on the treadmill. I still tried to and still am going to the gym about three days a week. I also learned how to do strength training. Twice a week I try to do a circuit of the arm and leg machines in the gym. I should be doing the abdomen machines as well, but I have a limited amount of time before I go pick up my son from daycare.

In July some of my awesome twitter friends started talking about something called the fitbit. I am a bit of a nerd and love gadgets so I decided to get one as well. I have the fitbit one and I LOVE that thing. It basically tracks how many steps you take as well as a bunch of other fancy things. When I first got it I was just going to track my steps, but I learned that it can sync with myfitnesspal. The way the two work together is awesome. You enter the calories you ate into myfitnesspal and then the amount of exercise you did from your fitbit syncs and myfitnesspal subtracts those calories from what you have eaten and you can see how many calories are left. I have PCOS and was going to just try a low-carb diet, but I love carbs, always got headaches, and had a hard time keeping up low-carb. So I tried counting calories and it worked for me. I know that the amount of exercise calories the fitbit enters for exercise isn’t perfect, but I always try not to eat or at least not eat all of my exercise calories.

These days I am trying to like running. I like the running culture, the calories it burns, and I want to keep up being able to run for 30 minutes. I have found running to music with the correct beats per minute is sorta cool, but I don’t crave running yet. I am hoping to be able to just zone out and for it to become a stress reliever, but I’m not there yet. I am trying to run three days a week and see what I think. I still stare at the time on the treadmill and just get through it. I may vary it by the speed I go (I am a major slow-poke), or the incline I use (I mostly just use the treadmill and use no incline, but I’d like to change that). I ran/walked a 5k over the summer, which was pretty cool. I want to do another 5k when it warms up again and I do a little more training outside. I don’t see myself going farther than a 5k though, I just don’t have the time to run more than 45 minutes most days. I also just got a chromecast which I want to use on the weekends. I wanted to add another workout on the weekends to help with my overeating on the weekends and to keep the weight loss going, but do something different than running and fun. So with my chromecast I am going to do an exercise video on the weekends. Last night I did Sweating to the Oldies. By 30 minutes I was tired. So I know I got a good workout.

So hopefully as I get closer to my goal weight I am able to keep it all up and stay motivated in eating well and exercising.

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