I haven’t blogged in a while again. Things have been busy. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote. What have we been up too?

I’m still working out/counting my calories. I am now down 33.7 pounds and still going. I have about 16.2 pounds left until the weight I set as my goal weight way back when, when I just grabbed a number out of thin air. We will see what happens when I reach that weight. I’m still working out or trying to three times a week. I even managed to run 3 miles during my thanksgiving break while out of town on a relatives treadmill. I also took a walk outside but it was cold so that didn’t last long. I’m still using my fitbit and I love that thing. I just joined a beta for the app that lets me test out using it on more android phones besides just the very small few that bluetooth syncing works on at the moment.

Our thanksgiving break was good but busy. We drove 5-6 hours to visit hub’s family. That trip was a whirlwind. I feel like we visited so many people and were constantly driving and going to different peoples houses. LM had a lot of fun with the older cousins (middle to high school girls) who loved playing with him and thought he was so cute. By the end of the trip though we were all really tired and ready to be back in our own space.

LM is doing great. Full of energy, well except for two weeks before thanksgiving when he got another ear infection, but we didn’t realize it till later. His tube was clogged so it didn’t drain so he got nausea as a symptom and threw up twice. That wasn’t fun. Glad that is over. He is now off his antibiotics and has cut another two year molar. I think he has three of those now. I will be very glad when that is done. He loves watching youtube videos of children’s songs and is sorta addicted, but I try to keep it to when we need him to be calm/quiet ie at a doctor’s office or out somewhere or when he really needs calming. He has watched a million versions of wheels on the bus and can sing all the different verses. Many times at night he will just break out in song. It’s usually wheels on the bus or old mcdonald, but sometimes he will change it up. He is doing great at daycare and is making friends, well as much as a two year old can. He is very verbal and picking up new words all the time. This morning when I picked him up out of his crib he said "I have green dinasaur’s on my pjs!" The other day I was carrying him into daycare and he asked me to run and I said I couldn’t, because I had a lot of stuff to carry. He said "having trouble mommy?" He really surprises me sometimes on what he says. He is a smart cookie. He is getting taller, but is still thin. I think he is about 25-26 pounds. He is now wearing 18 to mainly 24 month shirts and a lot of his 18 month pants are getting short. I just bought him a bunch of new pants in 24 months.

One of my new years resolutions – yes I already have one is to live less in my head. I feel like I think way too much about what I am going to say to someone or what I’m going to do and if it’s the cool thing to do or what that person will think if I say a certain thing I need to get out of my head and just be me and do what I want and get more fun and enjoyment out of life. I have thought about making a blog or steering this one towards that and my working towards that, but I haven’t thought it all out yet.

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  1. Your committment to weight loss has been so inspiring! I hope to follow in your footsteps soon. You’ll have to post a pic when you reach goal!

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