New daycare

This morning was the first morning of LM’s new daycare. I was so nervous on how he would do with the transition. Last time he just moved classes across the hall and he cried at drop off for two weeks. This time a bunch of his friends are in the class and he knows the assistant teacher as well, which helped a lot. When we walked in the class he was like where am I and cried/was clingy. However that only lasted a few minutes. I planned to stay a couple of hours to make sure he was fine, but I didn’t need too. He gave me a hug and just went back to playing when I left. No tears. He is a rock star. It is rainy here today, but new daycare has indoor gross motor rooms so even though he couldn’t play outside he still got to run around 🙂

I mostly walked a 5k two weeks ago and got my best time – 49.46. I have never done it under 50 min before. I got a cool jacket as the entry present.

I am still counting calories and I have now gone down three shirt sizes!! Pants are harder as I still have my extra flab, but I am back in zip up pre-pregnancy pants. I actually lost all my pregnancy weight. The rest is just from me being overweight and trying to get pregnant. It has been about seven months since I started. I love the show Extreme weight loss and wonder where I will be at my year mark.

I hope all of you are doing well. I am still reading along on my phone.

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  1. Great work!

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