Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Things have been busy and I just haven’t had long amounts of time to peck out an entry on my tablet. I rarely sit down at a real computer with intent to blog.

I am still counting calories and exercising. I have been losing weight slowly, but then got annoyed that it was going slow. So I went on prometrium for 10 days to bring my period on and in hopes that it would jump start my weight loss. Those pills made me so sleepy. I just got my period yesterday after being off the pills only four days. I guess because I took two a day. This week has been great with the weight loss. I have lost three pounds this week!! One was water weight I guess, one pound was from my normal eating healthy/exercising and I have no idea where the other pound came from! I really hope I don’t gain it back when my period goes away. Makes me wonder if I should be on birth control or something to supress my whacked out hormones so that I can lose easier. But maybe soon I will be closer to a weight where I could get my period on my own? I don’t know if I will be able to do that. I am still trying to figure out if I should be on med’s right now. I wasn’t on birth control before because it made me feel weird and the normal pills made my blood pressure go up. But now that I lost weight and stopped eating high sodium stuff, maybe it would be better? But I don’t want to have to have regular checks in the doctors office. That is stressful too. RIght now I have lost 26.5 pounds. I kept a pregnancy weight gain spreadsheet (yes I am a giant nerd) and I am now officially five pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight!!! That is huge. I was fat before and the hormones didn’t make it any better so I still have weight to lose, but that is a huge thing.

This sunday I signed up for my very first 5k! I have wanted to do one for a while, but I have been nervous and hadn’t signed up in the end. I went to the gym wednesday to see if I could still run like I was doing when I did couch 2 5k. I can still run, and did run for 40 minutes straight with no breaks. I am just really really really slow. So I’m thinking I’m going to walk the first mile to get used to things and make sure I don’t get lost (LOL), and then maybe run the last two. We will see how I feel and how my body feels on sunday. The perk is everyone who signs up for the race and is paid gets a performance jacket that says the foundation the race is for and 5k on it. I will wear it proudly.

LM is doing pretty well. Although he had trouble going to sleep last night and then he got up at 4, 4:30, and 5 this morning. After I stayed up to watch the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. Ohy. He is getting even more verbal recently and is talking some in complete sentences which is pretty cool. He is enjoying climbing and lawn mowers. He points out lawn mowers everywhere we go. He is also starting to get a litle defiant saying no more and trying to do what he wants instead of what I say. We were at the playground the other day and I said it was time to go. He was being fussy so I picked him up. He said he wanted to walk so I said ok. I put him down and he ran the other way back to the playground!

I hope you all are doing well. I am still reading all of you, it’s just hard to post/comment on a phone which is what I am normally reading on.

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  1. Sounds like things are going well and you guys are in a good groove! Congrats on your weight loss. I hope to join you in that effort in a few weeks. I’m guessing LM and Ari would be good friends if you guys lived next door. It sounds like they have a lot in common. Keep us posted on you!!!

    • Thanks and good luck to you on your weight loss. It can be hard, but it is worth it. Myfitnesspal and my fitbit have been the key for me.

      That would be so cool to live next door. Our kids could play and we would have someone to talk to and do stuff with.

      Thanks for your comments. I wasn’t sure anyone still read lol

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. Slow and steady is the key! I hope I find your self-control after this baby gets here!

    Oh, the defiance. Davie will do what we say, then get this mischevious grin and do the opposite. Like, if we say, “Pick up your cup” she’ll pick it up, then get that grin and throw it in the opposite direction. Argh. Or, she’ll just yell “NO!” and run away. I think we’re in for it in the teen years.

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