We took our first family vacation this past week. It was mostly day trips as we thought LM would do better sleeping in his own bed and eating in places he felt comfortable. We drove up to my parents place on friday night and then on Saturday took a train ride in a park and he had his first merry-go-round ride. The train is a smaller train (not amtrak, think open seats), and I actually went on it when I was little. He loved the train, and mostly smiled on the merry-go-round when he saw my mom and I waving at him. Sunday we all swam in the pool and after some time to warm up he had fun. Monday we drove back home and then relaxed for the day. Tuesday we went to a local smaller zoo that was pretty neat. It had rained a lot that morning so it wasn’t crowded at all. He surprised me and enjoyed feeding some of the animals. We fed alpacas, goats, sheeps, and something else I can’t remember at the moment. He yelled at the monkeys hanging which was pretty funny. He said "What you doing monkeys!?" On Wednesday we drove down to the beach for a day. I was excited about this one, but LM wasn’t as thrilled. He did not like the ocean. He would not let me put him down near the water and kept saying bye bye water, bye bye water. Poor guy. We bought him a little shovel and pail set and he did enjoy playing in the sand some. He also liked walking on the boardwalk and boardwalk fries lol. I was good and only ate a couple. I was happy because I was wearing the same bathing suit I wore on my honeymoon seven years ago and it didn’t look half bad. So yea for working out.

Speaking of working out I am still going. I hit a weight loss plateau and was the same weight for a couple of weeks and got annoyed. However, I stuck with it and just hit one of my goal weights so yea for that. I hope I am able to keep this weight off and not gain a pound or so back and have to go back on that seesaw. However, I walked at lunch and work out today so hopefully not. I have officially lost 20 pounds! However, if you count before I started using myfitnesspal I have lost about 26 pounds. I normally go by the 20 pounds though since that is when I really started trying to lose. But woo hoo. I am starting to get into walking as a sport (I know I know it’s not really a "sport", but it is what I’m good at), and it’s cool. It’s also helpful to have something to think about at work when work isn’t going the way I want it too. I still have at least another 20 pounds to lose, but I’ve come a long way.

LM is doing pretty well with pooping. We have played with his drink combo (prune and apple juice, probiotic, and mirilax), to find the best combination, but we haven’t yet. So far we do the best when everything is included. Yesterday we let him have a lot of dairy products to see how the drink will help him. He ate really well – he loved the mac and cheese. We are going to try giving him no pediasure at least one hour before meals and see if that helps with eating more. We are thinking it probably fills him up so we will see how that experiment goes. We have a weight check next week so we will see how that goes and see if she has any more suggestions.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I love seeing my wee-lings interact with animals. Ginny loves it when we go to the petting zoo near our house. And congrats on the weight loss! That’s outstanding! Plateaus can be so frustrating (I just came off one that lasted more than three weeks). Just keep on plugging away!

  2. I’m so glad y’all had such a great vacation week! When Davie was a year old, she ADORED the beach. This year, at two, she was very leery of the water but adored the sand. Must be a toddler thing!

    Congrats on the weight loss! You ROCK!! 🙂

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