At LM’s two year well visit most of the discussion was about his weight (the doc confused the two growth charts so he didn’t really drop off a bunch of percentiles, but he is still in the 8th percentile on one and 20 something percentile on the other) and his constipation. We decided to give him only pediasure in his sippies (for more calories), but I have always wondered if he has milk sensitivities because it makes him more constipated so this was a good trial (it is lactose free).

So we made a bunch of changes all at once. We took him off milk in his sippies and added 1oz prune juice to his normal 4oz apple juice and miralax drink. So now its 1 prune to 3 apple.  Then maybe a week later I saw the box of culturelle I had bought to try way back when. He couldn’t use it before because of his swallowing/texture issues, but now he is fine.  He still gets some milk products like a little cheese and milk here and there, but I try to limit it to small amounts.

The day I started the culturelle he went poop.  He has been regular pooping once a day except for day 2 on it. Today he didn’t even have to strain to go before he went. Hubs thinks it is a combination of the prune juice and the probiotic that is doing the trick, but I am not sure. My mom also said maybe the decrease in milk helped too and she is probably right.  I had emailed his GI doc earlier and she said we could also try adding soy milk, but I don’t want to change any more variables. I am happy that he is doing better and I hope it leads to eating a little more at meals consistently. However I wish I knew what was helping and what the solution was. I have a feeling we are going to have to wean him on/off a couple things to figure it out

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  1. Poor LM. 😦 I had no idea his GI issues had gone on so long. I hope ya’ll find the perfect magic combination for him!

  2. Have you ever had his iron levels tested by chance? Ari and his little brother are both sensitive to milk and take amino acid based formula. Ari and LM are close in age and we have been giving Ari lactulose for constipation from about 6 months. Now we sometimes mirilax with his juice. Anyway, both have low iron. When they were put on iron supplements they both showed an increase in appetite and this caused more need for constipation aid. Still, what they are on does the trick. I’m glad they are working with you on this.

    • That is interesting. I am not sure if his iron has been checked for that. I will ask when we go back in a couple of weeks for a weight check. We don’t technically need it since the percentages were messed up, but I would like to talk to her on how things are going. I do have a cbc of his from when he was one and I don’t see anything wrong with the levels, but I have no idea if they tested the right thing. I will ask thanks. He is still pooping a lot better – he goes about an hour after I give him his juice (with miralax and probiotic in it). I am thinking the prune juice addition probably didn’t change much. So I’m thinking it’s the probiotic mostly helping him poop, but I’m sure the less milk helps a little.

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