Day off

I have had a pretty good day off. LM’s teacher noticed I was dressed down and asked about it. I told her I was having a day just for me. She said good for you. I told her I haven’t had one in a while and she said no you haven’t.

I started off the day getting on the treadmill. I gained weight over the weekend, ate way too much at my Mil’s yesterday afternoon, and never get more than 30-40 minutes to exercise so I wanted to be able to go as long as I wanted. I ended up doing little over an hour and 3.25 miles (the farthest I have gone in a long time). Yes I am slow, but I was also doing varying inclines. It was neat to come off the treadmill and have my fitbit say I only needed 2k steps left at 9:30am. Though I haven’t walked much since.

Afterwards, I watched some of Kelly and what’s his name, a little of Rachael Ray, and then watched Magic Mike with my feet up. I had never seen it and it had been sitting on our DVR since a free preview weekend we had. It was OK.

While watching I got an email from my boss that changed plans a little tomorrow, that made me a little nervous, but things should be OK tomorrow.

I didn’t take a nap which stinks, but I think we have figured out when we are going to take our vacation which is good.

One thing I decided on saturday was that I stopped taking my birth control. They had me on the mini pill and I wonder if that was part of my crazy emotions. My job situation and hormonal situation started about the same time so it is hard to say which is more of the cause. I do feel a little better so fingers crossed it doesn’t go crappy again when I go back to work.

I have been still taking my blood pressure at home. The highest I had at the doctors was 155/90 and on Saturday I got 135/80 so yea for it going down. OK gotta run and get LM.

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  1. Good for you! I have been hearing a lot about the fitbit lately and I’m thinking that I might want to look into getting one for myself. I wear a pedometer all day long right now, but I like all the extra info that it gives.

    • Thanks! I really like my fitbit. I have had pedometers but never stuck with them. I like that the fitbit syncs with myfitnesspal. Between the two I have lost weight.

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  2. I LOVE Magic Mike! Joe Mangel-whatever is sooooo beyooootiful. Oh, yum. I think I need to go home and watch that again. 😉

  3. Yay for a day off! Seriously – we all need this sometimes! I am going home from work early today to put my feet up and just relax. And yeah for the fitbit!!

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