So yea

I have a lot going on right now. I have a two year old, I work about 30 hours a week, I am working on losing weight and taming my blood pressure issues, and I have a lot of appointments and errands between me and LM.

I have been working at my job for four years now and I am getting bored and complacent. I used to have a lot of friends at work, but most have moved on. Recently I have been having issues with my boss where she is starting to make me do stuff I don’t agree with or like. I have voiced my opinion but there isn’t much I can do so I am just trying to keep my head down and get through the day.

I have also realized I don’t know how to have fun anymore. I don’t have very many close friends or people I do stuff with. Most weekends are hanging out at home with LM trying to relax as I only get saturdays to do so because we are out with hubs family most sundays at services, eating lunch, snd then hanging out. I don’t get home till 3-4 after leaving the house at 10:30am.

So with all of this I am tired and need a vacation. Twice now I have ended up in my bosses office because she wants to talk to me about something snd I end up crying. Today she says she is worried about me and thinks I should talk to someone. I don’t think I need a shrink I just am bored with my job, not liking some of the stuff going on at work, tired, stressed out a little, and not doing much for just me. So I took Monday as a mental health day and I am going to bring LM to daycare. It is just one day though. It won’t solve everything. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

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  1. Take a long nap then go out to lunch and then for a walk if it’s not too hot out. At least that’s my dream day off.

    I understand about your job. I was with the same employer for nearly 10 years. It was like they had me under a brain wash. In the end I felt bad about myself, my work, and my boss. So I left and started over. So many people thought I was foolish for doing so because I lost all that I had worked so hard to build, but in the end I was happier. Albeit a bit poorer, but happier. I really hope you can take your day of relaxation tomorrow and do something for yourself. Enjoy it!!!

  2. For your day off, I agree with what Steph said. While you walk, just take some deep breaths and try to think about things that you enjoy, not work.

    It never hurts to see someone about your problems. It also does not hurt to at least look at your options as far as changing jobs.

    Take care of yourself.

    • Hey thanks for your comment. I have been relaxing and trying not to think about work, but it doesn’t help that my boss emailed me and got me thinking about stuff. ;-p

      I am looking into new job opportunities so I will see what I can find.

  3. We just got back from a week long vacation. I felt SO bad taking a week off, since it made me go negative on my paid-time-off. I’m behind because I’ve used so much with the medical issues I’ve had with this pregnancy. But oh my gosh, I’m SO glad I went! I needed the mental, physical and emotional break. It just helped put everything back in perspective.

    Work had started to be so overwhelming. Everything irritated the crap out of me. Now it feels fresh and I feel like I’m “present” again. Would it be possible for you to take a week off with hubby and LM? You could even do a “staycation” but just take little day trips to feel like you’ve gone somewhere different. Have some new experiences, break the routine, refresh your mind and heart!

    Also – have you thought about applying for a new job? Since you’re confident in the one you have now, you’re in a good position to look around, see what’s out there!

    • I am glad you had such a good time on your vacation. Hubs and I are planning a little get away that hopefully will be relaxing. We need to nail it down though.

      I am starting to look for a new position, but it’s slow going because I want to stay in the company I am at (a lot of good benefits and possibilities, but harder because I am not in the main field) and because I want LM to keep going to the quality daycare he is in now.

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