So today I got my blood pressure checked again in the office. It has been about two weeks since I least had it checked and last time it was 140 or 145 I can’t remember. This freaked me out that it was rising so I bought a fitbit, changed my birth control, watched what I ate, execised, cut out all the salt I ate and in two weeks I lost four pounds and am eating a lot less salt.

Today I was hoping that everything I did would show in my blood pressure and go down at least a couple of points. I however, am a nervous nelly and got really nervous about the result. I hate going into the doctors office and have always had white coat syndrome. It makes it even worse when I have had to go in there every two weeks and the result of that blood pressure result will mean something important. So I was nervous. I tried listening to a podcast in the waiting room, but I guess that didn’t help much. Turns out from everything I did in the last two weeks to try to bring it down did NOTHING. My blood pressure went UP! It was at 150 and 155. DARN IT! I know it had only been two weeks, but UGH!

The lady that took my pressure said she could tell I was anxious so a lot of it probably had to do with nerves. She said that I she isn’t going to make me come back in there every two weeks, but that I still need to get my bp checked twice a week and tell her the readings. I went and got a little one that I can do on my own at my house. I am hoping that when I am calm in my own house and not in a doctor’s office it will go down. I really hope so. Because I am so frustrated that it went up after all the good things I did the past two weeks. Please please please go down when I take it at home.

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  1. Hey Lady! I’m sorry I’ve disappeared for a while. Finally in the new house and still unpacking, but computer is alive now so here I am. I’m sort of a blood pressure fanatic. I know this is common knowledge to all, but it wasn’t to me at the time. during my first pregnancy I kept getting high bp readings. Turns out the nurse was using the small blue cuff on my arm and I really needed the bigger maroon one. Also, I found if I was nervous the electronic monitor would be higher than an manual read. So I too am sensitive and get stressed about my BP when I go in. I have a good electronic cuff that you can have if you’d like for home readings. I know you said you bought one, but I’m offering. It’s been in the bottom draw now for a while and if you’d like it let me know!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your response. You are the only one who responded and it was starting to get really quiet. I am glad to hear you understand the craziness. I have taken mine a couple of times at home and it’s still been 150s. Not sure what color cuff I have, but I will check at home. The nurse did say electronic ones tend to read higher.

      I have lost five pounds since the first  high readings but doubt there is much change. I am going to try to keep losing weight and doing it on my own for a couple of weeks, but if it doesnt budge I may try a new pcp.

      It is really stressful and doesn’t help that a lot of other things are stressing me out as well. It has been a tough week. Glad to hear things are queting down in the new place

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  2. Oh, and try not to get discouraged about your changes.I think you’re doing awesome. I wish I could get on that boat with you!

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