Almost two

This coming wednesday LM will be two. How did that happen! I remember when he was almost one! I am going to have a two year old. He is already acting and looking like a two year old. He doesn’t look like a baby anymore and has definite opinions on things. We are going to have a small get together for his birthday next weekend. I need to order the food for that. I also need to buy him a peanut free snack for his classroom since they are a nut free zone. It is amazing how hard it is to find a snack without nuts. I got a lead today though so hopefully it will be good.

I have been doing really well with eating and exercising this week. I ended up buying a fitbit and that really kick started everything since it links with myfitnesspal. I have lost three pounds since starting with my fitbit, eating less salt, and counting my calories on myfitness pal. That brings my grand total of weight loss to 12.4 pounds. That is a big number and I’m really impressed with myself. I have moved from size 2xl shirts to fitting into a lot of my old size large shirts. It’s a little different with pants since I still have my stomach poof from pregnancy. I think I’m about a 1x on pants. On some days I go way under my calories and on other I am very close to the total amount or a tiny bit over. I think part of it is my sandwich bread. I need to find a different bread or something with less calories to switch too. I find myself looking for similar options of what I already eat with less calories so that I am under the calories more often. I get about 8,000 steps or so on non work out days and 10,000 and a little over on work out days. If anyone has a fitbit and wants to be my friend let me know! One thing I have a problem with though is weighing myself too much. I weigh myself every single morning. My mother said that I should not weigh myself on monday because you have just come off a weekend and ate more than usual and you shoudln’t weigh yourself on friday because you were good all week. She said the best time to weigh yourself on wednesday because it’s the middle of the week. I need to try to do that and not do it every day. I’m trying.

I ended up changing from the high dose hormone pills to the low dose micropill like I mentioned in my last entry. I was on the high dose hormone pills for maybe a week before I changed. Because of this I think I know have my second period in two weeks and it sucks. I know that spotting is one of the main side effects of the mini pill, but the more I thought about it I"m thinking it’s just another period because I went from high to low hormone bcps. I hope it stops soon and that I don’t have any more spotting or surprise periods cause it sucks. Though I’m trying to stay open minded since it is a side effect.

I really hope that changing my birth control, losing some weight, and getting rid of all the salt I eat will help lower my blood pressure the next time I go in for my blood pressure check. My next check is this coming tuesday! I know that it’s only been about two weeks, but I’m hoping there will be a change. It is amazing how much salt I was eating in just my regular foods I ate. I am wondering though if it does go down she will atribute it to the birth control and not my eating well. I probably should mention that too. I just wonder now if it does go down how to tell which one afected it the most. WIsh me luck!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss!!!!

  2. Great job on the weight loss! I can’t believe LM is going to be 2!

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