So I had good intentions today of eating better, but since it’s the fourth and I haven’t been shopping yet I tried to make do with what was in the house. I found that my normal yummy morning star farms breakfast has a lot of sodium. I learned that my normal lunch meat has a lot. I was trying to be good with lunch by using no bread for my sandwich and that backfired. I ended up eating my healthy lunch meat/tomatoes/cucumber with a roll and some of my yummy meatballs that are high sodium. It’s like I try to eat low carb high protein, but a lot of the high protein is also high sodium. So frustrating. Tonight I am making Hungry girl’s hawaiian burgers which I am sure will have sodium because of the bacon and cheese. I guess I just need to wander the store and see what is out there. I also need a nap and LM is fighting it. Go to sleep child!

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  1. I tried really hard to be low-sodium during my last pregnancy – and it’s HARD! Things you would never associate with salt are full of it! We don’t keep salt at the table and don’t add salt (other than if a recipe calls for it), but still, there’s so much of it already in food!

  2. Yeah it’s tough trying to do low carb and low sodium at the same time. I try to limit sodium bc of my previous high blood pressures w pre eclampsia and for 6 weeks after — but at the same time I should be eating lots of protein for my upcoming Ivf cycle. Hmmm

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