Little calmer

So after my freak out in my last entry I talked to my mom who used to be a nurse. She calmed me down a lot. She said she thinks I have a tiny bp issue, but that the birth control probably is making it worse. She told me to ask about spirolactone because it will help my pcos and possibly my bp. I am nervous about peeing even more then already because it is a diuretic, but hopefully won’t be too bad. So I emailed R and we will see what she says when she responds next week.

She also said that I should cut out the fried salty foods more and try to eat more real foods and healthier packaged foods. This along with my exercising should hopefully lead to a quicker weight loss.

Another thing going on in my life is hubs got sequestered. Basically he has every Friday off not paid until the end of September. So we are going to try to eat out less and cook more. So that should help too. I am thinking of blogging through trying to eat more real food, cooking more, decreasing the amount of sodium I take in and my exercise. 

I have been thinking about getting a fitbit, but I am a little hesitant because it doesn’t sync with androids much. This week I have done the hill program twice for two miles each time and burned about 230 calories for each. I would use my fitness pal, but I am less about limiting calories and more about decreasing carbs and eating more of the right things. So fingers crossed on this new eating/spending time.

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