I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while so I wanted to write an update?

What’s going on in our world?

In less than a month – 29 days to be exact LM is going to be TWO. How did that happen? We are just going to have a little get together with my parents and hub’s parents and brother. Nothing big. Maybe they will be bigger once LM has some input on who to invite. I haven’t been invited to any other kids in his classes birthdays so I don’t see the point in inviting other kids right now. I want low stress and fun. I am thinking of going to one of the warehouse stores and getting a sandwhich platter and cake. I am really hoping LM this year will eat his cake. Last year he had his birthday before he got into food therapy so he has come such a long way from that. I hope he doesn’t snub his nose at it, but if he does it’s ok.

Right now LM has something going on. Hubs and I think it’s two year molars, but it could be a small virus or something. Either way he is more cranky and eating less. He is drinking a lot of milk though. The last two nights he has barely eaten anything for dinner with his daytime eating being down a bit too. He has also woken up multiple times in his sleep talking about milk or crying/whining. So whatever it is I hope it shows itself soon and finishes. We are getting tired.

I am still walking/running. I seem to do the best on
Wednesdays/Fridays after I take my 50,000 vitamin D. I have so much more energy. I get my levels tested again next week so we will see where I am with that. On the days I have energy I am doing my own modified version of couch 2 5k. I basically run for about 10 minutes, walk one minute and then repeat it three times. I am listeninig to a pandora work out channel while I do it which helps. On mondays when I am low on energy I tend to walk most of it, but I think that’s ok I’m still doing something.

Today they start water play at daycare again. They have it every tuesday and thursday in the summer. They go out on the playground, wear their bathing suits and play in water tables and run through the sprinkler. He loved it so much last year when he was just crawling so I am excited for him today. I am looking forward to hearing how it went. He also looked really cute in his swim trunks 🙂

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  1. Davie Ann is a waterbug, too! My dad just taught her how to jump off the side of the pool into his arms! She holds her nose and everything. It’s just too cute! But now I’m scared she’ll jump in a pool with no one there! So we’re looking for toddler swim lessons!

  2. Wow, two years already, that’s amazing!
    The water play sounds like lots of fun, I loved this sort of thing as a kid.

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