Vitamin D

When I went for my check up at the RE’s office I learned I was vitamin D deficient. My level was 14.7 and it was supposed to be at least 30. I am not surprised as I avoid milk products because they bug me and my office has no windows. I learned a lot of people are vitamin d deficient. Vitamin d can affect your energy levels so I was willing to try it.

I was put on 50,000 iu a week for a month and then they are going to check my level again. The first time I took the pill I slept better and felt good for a day or two, but crashed on Saturday. I was so tired.  I noticed the next week it sorta happened again. I felt more rested, I got a ton done, but by Friday I was feeling down/hormonal. It was like the dose worked the first few days and then my level went way down or something a few days later. I had done some research that vitamin d can also affect your moods and bring you out of a mild depression.

So this morning I went out and bought some vitamin d that I can take every day. I need to talk to the doc who started me on vitamin d, but I didn’t want to spend the whole weekend feeling out if sorts. I took 2,000 iu with lunch and I already feel a little better. I am hoping this daily dose will keep my levels a little more normal and I won’t have the tiredness/moodiness I have been feeling.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

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  1. Jem

    I was vitamin d deficient, too. It’s very common. I haven’t had it tested in a couple of years. Back then I took mega-doses weekly, just like you. I didn’t have the crash you described tho. Just saw my doc and requested the test again.

  2. I haven’t been tested, but considering I live on the frozen flatland, I assume that I am at least moderately vitamin d deficient. I don’t drink much milk at all, and I’m not an outdoor girl. I’ve been taking between 1000 and 2000ui daily because I came across some information linking vit D deficiency with insulin resistance. (Several pieces I read referred to studies done in Finland, where they have the world’s highest instance of type 2 diabetes. The one thing that the vast majority had in common was a vitamin D deficiency.) I haven’t noticed a difference in my levels of fatigue, which are still significant, but perhaps I’m just not taking enough. I think I will ask my doctor about it when I next have blood work done (august I think).

    I can’t help but ponder the connection between vit D and PCOS (known to be an ailment directly tied to insulin resistance).

  3. I haven’t been tested either, but I detest milk products, so it’s a good possibility I am Vitamin D deficient. I also stay pretty depressed. Definitely something to look into. Hopefully you can get your levels sorted out and feel better very soon!

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