Daycare debate

So last week I found out LM’s daycare is closing. It was a shock and many parents (including me) are upset about it. I went to a parent meeting about it a few days ago and most of it was the parents letting out their anger to the benefits people and other leadership people. There is nothing we can do now, it will be closing in October.

I have been a part of a bunch of emails going back and forth between other parents from the daycare which has been really helpful. They have been talking about their feelings, what centers they toured and liked, and updated insider information. I was able to connect with one mom from LM’s last class and we are going to try to set up a play date. Her son is friends with LM and they are so cute together. Her son has also sorta gone through some of the same things LM has. So yea for a potential new friend.

So the last time I blogged I was deciding between two centers. One center was a good center and LM would be fine, but the class sizes were bigger and the playground was not that good. The price was a lot cheaper though. The other center my husband likes to call the cadillac center as in it’s really nice. They have a beautiful playground, the ratio is small, it’s the same company as what LM is in now so everything would be the same, and they have a gross motor room for when it’s too hot/too cold/rainining/snowing. The only issue is this center is basically $200 more a month than what I am already paying and what I am already paying is high. It’s basically my whole pay check and it wouldn’t make sense for me to work and send him there. But I really liked that center.

So I thought about it and I got hubs to tour the cadillac center as well to see what he thought of it. He liked it too. Then he brought up a military benefit he has through his job. Basically if the center is listed (there are a few requirements for them to get listed) you can apply to take part in this benefit and get a discount. The cadillac center already had all the requirements. I don’t know how much the discount is but I think it will be a couple of hundred dollars. When we checked to see if the cadillac center was listed they weren’t, but two of their other centers in a city near by were listed. So when hubs went to tour the facility he asked them if they would think about getting listed. She said they would have to talk to their district manager and get back to us. That was over the memorial day holiday. On tuesday we got an email that said yes, they are going to get listed! Wahoo! So LM can can go to the cadillac center and get all the benefits of that center. I think he will really like it there.

Through the parent emails I have learned a lot of the other parents are going to be sending their kids there too. The center is going to try to keep the kids from our current center together when they move over to the new center which will be great and hopefully make the transition a little easier. So yea for that. We are able to go to the new center in the beginning of September, but the two directors are trying to figure out a time where everyone transitions together at the same time so that will make things better as well. One thing I really like at the center is all the kids stay together as a class. If it’s a two year old class they all stay together until they are three and then transition with their teacher or a new teacher (whatever they decide) and then that class becomes a three year old class or moves into another room together. Yea for less transitions.

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  1. Yay! So glad to hear that things have worked out with the Cadillac daycare! That must be a huge relief.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a blessing that they came through with the discount! It’s meant to be! 🙂

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