Today I had my full exam at the RE’s office. It was an hour long appointment and took up some of my work time. I had a pap, internal ultrasound, breast exam, they took my measurements, and they did some other normal yearly stuff I can’t remember at the moment.

I was really nervous for the pap as I tend to freak out a little during them, but I did pretty well. They are nicer than at my ob’s office, and I think I did pretty good for me. The ultrasound showed normal pcos ovaries with the “string of pearls”.

After the exams I sat down to get my bloodwork results from the other week. Most of my levels including day 3, thyroid, and blood sugar were normal so yea for that. She said my vitamin d level was low so they are putting me on a pill that I take once a week for a month and then I have to get rechecked. After that I have to take a vitamin d supplement to keep my levels higher. I think part of that problem is I am sensitive to milk so I don’t drink or eat much milk products. Some symptoms of vitamin d deficiency are tiredness and normal aches and pains so maybe I will get more energy.

She is giving me a cream for the chin hair that goes with pcos and she is changing my birth control so that it will control my testosterone levels and not be an empty low dose of birth control.

She also refeerred me to a gyn/urologist and a gyn/phyiscal therapist because I am still having issues with leaking pee. I’m kinda nervous about this because I hate having pelvic exams and such, but maybe this will help. She said it is probably a weakness of my pelvic floor or it might be something with my bladder. So I will call and see what happens.

There is more news on the daycare front, but I will leave that for another entry.

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