Tale of two daycares

In the past two days I have toured two different daycares trying to find the right fit for us since our current one is closing. I am a little conflicted at the moment on which to choose. I want to hear what you guys think.  Our current center seems to fall in the middle price wise.

Daycare 1
Very close to my house so hubs could drop off and I could do more at home before picking him up
Couple hundred less a month than I am paying now
Uses the state ratios so 16 two year olds in a class
My bosses child goes there and she doesn’t have any complaints
His classroom is bigger than the one he has now
The playground is kinda small and has no climbing equipment/slides/swings for his age group
They seem to have a pretty good curriculum and other activities

Daycare 2
Very close to where I work
Couple hundred more a month and I already pay more than in state tuition for the local state university
Top of the line daycare center
Naeyc accredited so ratios are smaller – no more than 10 kids in a class
Big playground
Gross motor room
Beautiful building
Same curriculum/company as his current daycare
If we picked this option I would probably need help from hubs to pay for it (I am currently paying for it all out of my paycheck)
If I keep him in daycare for more than 9 hours a day I get charged even more.

Which one would you guys pick? I really liked the smaller classes and daycare 2, but I am just not sure if it’s worth all of that money. Though I don’t want LM to get lost in his class and not get the attention he needs.

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  1. I think it all depends on how much time LM spends in daycare and how long you expect to have him there. So, if he’s only there a few hours a week, go with Option A. Or, if he’s there quite a bit, I’d choose Option B. I think having a place for toddlers to climb and run and jump is really important. But, just my thoughts….good luck with your choice!

  2. If it works with the budget, my gut says go with B. They both sound like they have strong points, but B does sound better.

  3. I agree with the others – B sounds better… Have you given any thought to where he’ll go next? Is this center up to age 5 or will you put him in a pre-K program anytime soon?

  4. My opinion is option #1… having daycare close to your house is really nice, because you can plan your day around needing to leave work at a certain time to travel and get to daycare… and then you are right next to home. I also think the ratio doesn’t seem too high of teacher/child… if you hear good reviews and the cost is lower, I would vote option #1!

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