I walked into daycare this morning and found out that they are closing his center in October. I was like what the hell! They are right on the campus of where I work which has been great. Now I need to find a new place to send him. He had just moved into the next class and was finally getting over the transition even with a teacher he sorta knew from two classes ago. He has such a hard time with transitions. He cried every morning for two weeks and this time I would have to move him into a completly new building with new teachers and new children and new everything. I am very on edge about this.

My personality is to quick research everything and call up places and get tours and find him a spot so I don’t have to stress. However, if I do that that means securing him a spot and starting the transition to the new class soon. However, they don’t close until October. Should I wait? I don’t want to wait too long incase spots fill up, but luckily he is in a bigger class ratio age range.

There is a daycare that we originially toured that I sorta liked and my boss’s child goes there. I liked the current daycare he is in now better, but it is very close to my house. Hub’s is always saying he wishes that LM went closer to our house because right now he has to drive the other way from his work to drop him off if I am out of town. I looked up online and they do have a high rating for our state, but I remember not liking the infant room as much. Maybe I would like the older class better? Gah I hate that I have to make these choices again and move him from where he is comfortable and what we know.

What would you guys do? Call and get a tour and a spot now or wait it out and let him enjoy his summer?

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  1. I would definitely do something sooner rather than later. He’s going to have to transition at some point, why let him get more attached to his teachers and friends? If you get it done quickly, you may not have to worry about competition from other parents (which is a huge problem in our area).

    I’m so sorry they are closing. I wish you the best!!

    • Thanks Rain. All good advice. I called the one place that is close to us and will be touring them this afternoon to see what I think. They said they don’t have any openings until late summer though so if I do enroll him there he would stay at his current center for a couple of more months. I’m wondering if a lot of kids will be leaving fast though.

  2. I think I would move sooner rather than later as well. The change is inevitable. There is so much about what disrupts their little lives that we have any control over and at least this way it would be when YOU make the choice. Plus, if you want to secure a spot in your preferred replacement, I think getting your space reserved would be a bit step.

  3. Personally I’d change sooner to get the transition over with. Good luck!

  4. FCblacksheep

    Now is the time to get a spot because teachers will be getting out of school and staying home with their kids. Around here daycares are tough to get into. You might find you may need to wait a few months for a spot to open so it is probably good to get going now. Poor guy and poor you. Good luck.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know from my life that transitions are super difficult at this stage, but I also see their resilience. Perhaps since he just had the change to the bigger class he will have an easier transition to a new daycare. I would suggest sooner so that doesn’t fade. Also, I’m guessing the other kids that go there are going to be shopping around too. Don’t settle. I hope it’s easier looking around the second time. Sorry you have to go through this.

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