After 7 days of provera and seven days of waiting she is here. I am glad she is so I can get my blood work/exam over with, but I have been cranky today. That isn’t good when my parents are visiting. I thankfully mostly smoothed it over, but yea. The provera gave me the worst PMS. I am glad she came today instead of yesterday because I already have to take time off work to drop my car at the shop and get a rental tomorrow. Hubs taught me how to take LM’s car seat out and then install it again so hopefully putting it in the rental will go OK.

On Friday I shipped my soft structured baby carrier back to the lady I bought it from. She has a program where you can return your old one, get store credit, and then use the credit to get a new one. I think it’s a pretty good deal because I don’t need to find someone to buy the other one. I ended up ordering a toddlerhawk since I liked the babyhawk so much.  I went online to one of the big baby wearing forums though and they made me a little nervous. They said that they wouldn’t recommend the toddlerhawk because although it’s taller it isn’t wider than the babyhawk. I think we will be OK though. LM is tall and skinny and a lot of other people’s reviews on other sites liked it a lot. It is supposed to come tomorrow so we shall see. I am looking forward to testing it out and seeing what LM thinks.

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  1. Yay for CD1 and getting the bloodwork done. I look forward to hearing what the specialist recommends for getting the PCOS under control.

    Good luck with the carrier! I’ve not carried Sofi since last fall sometime (and we always used the ergo) and can’t quite imagine lugging around all those pounds!! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! So far she has said after I have my ultrasound and pap I am going on a low dose pill – I think people call it the micropill that barely has much of anything in it. Just enough to keep my lining really thin so that I don’t have to worry about when I get my period or not and to not have to worry about the cancer risk if I never shed my lining at the right times. I will definitley blog when my blood work comes back.

      LM is light – 23 pounds and he is always asking to be held anyways, so I think something that will help that will be a good thing 🙂

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