Adventures in Babywearing

This afternoon after work the lady I contacted about babywearing came over to my house. She is one of the leaders of a local babywearing group and she also had training at the big babywearing group (I forget where it is). I could have also gone to one of their meetings, but they are during my work day. She was totally nice and I am really glad that I had her come over. I had always wondered about the different types of carriers and what would work best for me and feel the most comfortable. She brought over one of each kind of carrier so I could try them out. She brought an ergo that I had always wanted to try, a mei-tai (I keep wanting to call it a mai-tai, but I know that is an alcoholic drink lol), a ring sling, and a wrap. LM was really good during the whole thing and kept asking to be held and enjoyed being in the carriers. Towards the end he got tired and just wanted to be done though.

I tried the ergo first because I have always wondered about them. It is very like the carrier I already own – the beco gemini in it’s a soft structured carrier. I learned that I am just no good at soft structured carriers. I like that they are secure with their buckles, but I have the worst time with buckling, unbuckling, and adjusting the different straps. Maybe that’s why LM and I never did much with our beco. Next, we tried the mei-tai and I really liked that one. It’s like an apron. You double knot it behind your back, stick your baby on your chest, pull up the front, criss cross the straps on your back, and then tie it under your kids bum. I found this easiest for me because there were no buckles to deal with and I could get in and out easy. I could see myself throwing it on quick when LM is fussing and wants to be carried home from somewhere.

Next we tried the ring sling. I didn’t like how the ring sat on my shoulder and when LM was in it he leaned forward so that he was almost horizontal. I was like uh no. The last one I tried one was the wrap. I knew I wasn’t going to like it because I didn’t do that well when I tried the moby way back when. She helped me get in it, but by this point LM was tired and cranky so he fused through most of it and she had to help me out of it quick to soothe him.

So overall I like the mei-tai. I think I’m going to sell/trade in my beco and get a mei tai. She recommended to me two brands – the toddlerhawk (I tried on the babyhawk and liked it) and she also said the brand cozy was good. I read some reviews of people who really liked the cozy, but I think I’m going to go with the toddlerhawk. Anyone have any experience with either?

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  1. I hated the Ergo. After wearing for 15-20 minutes, my hips started to hurt quite a bit. I’ve never tried the Mei Tai, but I am curious about it. At the moment, we are in love with our ring slings. McRuger has his and I have mine. Even though Cadet is 30 lbs, we still wear him occasionally.

    I hope you find what works best for you!!!

    • I didn’t really like the ergo either after expecting to like it. I do like the mei tai as I said before. It’s light and you just tie it on instead of having to deal with all the buckles. 30 pounds? wow. LM is only 23. I guess he is just a small guy who I wish would eat more. Does Cadet ever lean over and end up horizontal in your ring sling?

  2. Okay, so I’ve been a reader for ages but haven’t commented in a long time. (Sorry! Forgive me?) Love my ergo but it takes a LOT of getting used to. It’s all in what you like and are most comfortable with. I also like the mei tai style…Toddlerhawk all the way! I can still carry PJ in it (usually on my back) and she’s 35ish pounds. Good luck!

    • Have you ever tried any other brands of mei-tai’s? I have heard kozy’s are good, but I think I’m heading towards the toddlerhawk. I am not sure if I am ready for a back carry yet. I watched a video on how to do it, but I don’t think LM would sit still long enough to do it that way unless he was a little bit older and/or knew what was going on.

      • Kozy’s are a good sling. I’ve also used homemade ones and the infantino knock-off (owned by friends). I just liked the overall design of the Toddlerhawk and I got a good deal on it. 😉

        I only use the back carry for PJ…W is big enough but I’m not comfortable with it for him just yet since I can’t see him and he can’t communicate with me. It will come. I have friends who started off carrying on the back/hip from early on and their kids are totally used to it. It all just depends on what works best for you both.

  3. Anonymous

    I have a mei tai, an Ergo, and a beco. I also had a sling consultant come but didn’t end up liking any of the things she showed me. In the end, my favorite sling is the K’tan wrap which a friend introduced me to. It’s like a Moby wrap without the complications. It’s very versatile and easy once you understand the criss crossing. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s saved me with my very heavy one year old (27 lbs).

  4. Anonymous

    I forgot to add that the problem with the mei tai is that it’s very hot, especially in the summer.

  5. Hi! I have a mei tai. I love it. I have a babyhawk but Bee still goes in it. He’s two now and about 24lbs. I tie him on the back position. He likes it. The baby likes it on the front position. I have tried every other kind. I own a moby. Hated it. A big huge piece of material that is just too much to mess around with (for me) It will drag on the ground and get dirty if you say try to get it on after getting out of your car. Ergo didn’t feel like it fit my body in the right places, I’m a little on the short side though. I find the mei tai to be easy to throw on without strapping in or warpping a huge piece of material around myself, thus I use it more and life is better. I also own a baby bjorn. HATE IT. This topic is like breast feeding. People have strong personal feelings about it. I’m sharing mine with you for what it’s worth.

    I am still reading BTW. We are in the middle of selling and buying a new home and things are hectic. Hope you are well!!!

    • LM is about the same size so that’s a good thing to know. I will probably keep him in the front facing position for a bit because I don’t think I’m ready to put him in a back carry yet. Maybe once I get comfortable. I didn’t like the moby or the bjorn either lol.

      I am still reading you too! I am just horrible at commenting and most of the time I am on a mobile device that makes commenting horrible. WHen I try commenting on my nexus with greader it crashes and doesn’t let me! I am still following along. Good luck with moving!

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