Great Appointment

So this morning I had my appointment with the Gyn who is attached to the wellness center at my RE’s office. She is sooooo nice and I immediately liked her. I talked to her for a bit about my background and what I want out of this whole process. She told me I am like a super patient because I already know about PCOS and I’m ready to get going and do things that will help my well being, that I just need a little help along the way. So gold star for me LOL.

So what is the plan? I am going to go on provera for seven days to get a bleed so that I can have day three labs and some other stuff she is adding on to see where I am medically like AMH. She is also going to look at all my records from when I was at the RE to get to know me medically and see if she wants to run anymore tests and explore anything else. When I go in for my day three labs I’m also going to get a pap (ugh) and a ultrasound to make sure my ovaries and everything internal is ok. Didn’t miss those. Once I have my labs/ultrasound/pap I am going to be put on the mini pill – I forget the exact name of the pill. She is said it is very low estrogen and I might not even get a period on it. She said the point is to just make sure I have a thin lining so that I don’t have to worry about it building up and having cancer and all that other crap.

The lady who is going to do my ultrasound/pap is a lady who works at the RE’s office who I have met before and is really nice. She has a life styles PCOS program that helps people, but I haven’t read all the paper work yet. I know they have some diet stuff to it, but I will have to read the paperwork and talk to her to learn more about it. The diet is the hardest part for me, so I hope that I do ok on it. She was really impressed with my running and said because I am exercising and because I didn’t have gestational diabetes I don’t have to drink that awful drink and have that test! So woot for that!

It feels kinda cool to have someone looking through my medical records and taking updated labs and being part of a PCOS group that is for my health so that I can get the help I need and feel better and do well. So *fingers crossed it all goes well*

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  1. You are off and running! It’s so exciting! It’ll be interesting to see if your new doc wants to do things differently this time.

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