Quick updates

Weekend was good. We went to my parents house. My great grandma and her nurse were up from FL. This was big because she hadn’t seen LM since he was four months and I am not sure when/if she will make the trip again.

I am not sure if it was just the new surroundings or teeth moving around, but LM didn’t eat much that weekend which stressed me out some. My mom managed to find a McDonalds that sold fish bites and he ate a bunch of them.

Today was hard to go back to the real world after my mom watched LM when he woke up early and let us go back to bed. I hope I am more focused tomorrow.

I did couch to 5k week six day one and did good. There was a guy full out running next to me and I think I ran a bit faster in parts because of him.

I started making smoothies recently at night in my magic bullet. They are so yummy and I am getting better. LM likes them too. Tonight for dinner LM had some IHOP pancake, some dark meat chicken, a few pieces of banana, and some of my smoothie. Thankfully he ate well tonight.

I scheduled an appointment at my RE’s office’s new wellness center. I will be seeing a gyn who specializes in managing pcos/endo/other issues. My appointment is next week. I wish it was sooner. Now I am a little nervy on what she will say/do. I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. You are rockin’ the couch to 5K! I’m so proud of you!
    Davie is finally feeling better but I can tell she’s still off. When the asprin wears off or she gets hungry or too tired, she waaaay over-reacts. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get rid of the last of it!

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