I have not worked out since Saturday. Monday was my horrible day, Tuesday I went grocery shopping and felt soooooooo sore, and today I had LM’s conference at daycare for his new classroom he is transitioning into starting Monday. I am thinking Tuesday I had a case of delayed onset muscle soreness. My back and calves really hurt and I felt like an old person.  Today when I woke up I felt so much better. So yea for listening to my body.  I am going to go back to the gym tomorrow. I am thinking of just doing couch to 5k week five day three – the twenty minute run instead of doing week five day one and two because I am coming off a nice long break and will be busy the rest of the weekend. Am I crazy? We will see.

Speaking of listening to my body my pcos is being a pain. I have not gotten a period in probably two months. I would have to look at the calendar to be sure. Multiple times I felt hormonal and crampy like AF was going to come, but she never did and no I am not pregnant. On the rare chance we have sex we use condoms.  I was on bcps, but I tried a new brand and hated them. They made me feel sick. I kinda like being hormone free. I feel like when I actually get sleep on the weekends I am in the mood more. However not having AF is in the back of my head. Part of me thinks I should call my ob and get a different pill, but part me just wants to be pill free and hopes she will show up soon. I also don’t want to then open the door to other obgyn stuff.  I am also hoping with the exercise I am doing maybe the pcos will calm down. Though I have been stuck in the same five pounds forever.

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