Today is definitely a Monday. Ugh. I was tired to begin with because I didn’t get to take any naps with LM over the weekend. Part that is my fault. I so didn’t want to get out of bed. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

LM was snuggly when I went to get him this morning, but ok. When we didn’t have any bananas (his favorite morning fruit) he started to get fussy. I put him on the couch like normal to go make him something and he started really fussing. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I picked him up and he was all wet. He had peed through his night time diaper all over the couch cushions. I have been waiting to change his night time heavy diaper because for a huge stretch it was always dry until you gave him some time to wake up and go a little. It never over flowed. So imagine my surprise this morning. It got in his hair too because he was rubbing his head on the couch. So I got him changed even though he was really fussing and he got really clingy. I held him a bit, but whenever I tried to get up he would fuss. Hubs came down and we finally got him sorted out even though he was having other issues with constipation and not eating much. Not a good morning.

I finally get out the door and drive to daycare. I dropped him off in his room and said bye bye. As I was walking out his room I see this other mom waiting for me. She is the one mom who I like and would like to become friends with. When I get to her she says, I am so sorry I just hit your car. Ohy. She didn’t do *major damage* but she did scrape my car on my drivers side so there is a big scrape and the bumper is raised and stuff. I was like oh *%$& in my head. Not this now. I go out to look at it with her and it wasn’t horrible but ohy. Since we work at the same place she sent me all her insurance info. So in the end, I had to take off a couple hours of work and get an estimate/make sure it is ok. So now I just have to schedule it and get it done. So annoying since I have to deal with LM’s carseat as well. I have no idea how to take that thing out or reinstall it.

I just really hope the rest of the day/week goes well. I don’t think I can take anymore issues.

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  1. Oh wow, what a day. Car issues will break me faster than anything else!

    Davie has been having constipation issues, too. I’ve gotta get that kid to eat more fruit and veggies! This weekend she was having trouble going and she said, “Mama! My booty is broken!” Poor kid.

    • We use prescription mirilax powder in apple juice that seems to help some.

  2. Damn! What a Monday! I hope the week improves!!

  3. Yuck is right! Hang in there my friend. i hope the rest of the week is better!!!

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