So LM has been on the amoxicillan since Thursday night plus pulmocort for his cough and he is doing better.  Less cranky. We think he is teething as well because he is always chewing on his fingers.

While at the doctors I asked what happens now that his tubes are coming out.  She said we wait and watch.  If he gets back to back ear infections that aren’t responding to meds then we get a referral back to ENT.  If he gets more that are more spaced out and they respond to meds than we can wait and watch more.  I am hoping that since he is a bit older, done with reflux, and done with his swallowing/laryngeal penetration issues that maybe he won’t get a lot more but deep down I have a feeling he will need more tubes. He isn’t quite two yet and kids tend to get ear infections through three.  The whole process was stressful for me. Thinking about giving him anesthesia, watching them walk away into the operating room with him, him waking up upset because of the anesthesia. I cried the whole time we were checking him in.  LM of course was a champ. He settled down after he ate, took a long nap, and was a lot better by that afternoon. The tubes are a good thing. Maybe since we have been it through it before and he is older if we have to do it again it will be less stressful.  So we will see.

I did couch to 5k week 4 day 2 on Friday and it went well. I am not sure if it was the two days off or because I was doing it a second time, but it went well. I had a good run and felt good afterwards.  I decided to do week 4 day 3 today (saturday) to just finish out the week. It seemed to go fast. I am glad I did it but now I am sore. Next week is supposed to be the hardest. Each day is different. Day one is three running periods of five minutes. Day two I think is two eight minute running periods, and day three is twenty straight minutes of running. Yes I said twenty. I am going to take it slow and hopefully will have good music on my podcast.  If I can run twenty minutes straight that will be huge and make the rest of the program a lot easier.

Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. Lisa

    Just wanted to share my experience with tubes…my oldest had multiple ear infections, multiple bouts with pneumonia, and ended up with routine nebulizer treatments. He got tubes when he was 9 months. Everything was perfect for next year. At his 2 year check up they noticed that one was dislodged and wasn’t draining. We but took a “wait and see” approach. He did get another, much milder infection that was easily treated and that was it. The other one fell out within next six months. Bottom line is that the ENT really pushed us to replace the tubes because of his history, but we weren’t sold, so we waited. He is turning 6 next month and has never had another ear infection our bout with pneumonia. He is a very healthy, active kid. And trust me, for everything we went through with him pre-tubes, I was sure I would be dealing with those issues long term. Sometimes they really do just grow out of it-and I hope this is the case for your little one too. Good luck! (And kudos on couch to 5K! I’m trying to talk myself into it as well!)

  2. I hope LM gets better and you don’t have to do the tube thing again!!!

    And nice work getting back on the running horse. Good luck with the 20 minute run!!!

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