So this week isn’t going the way I scheduled it. I normally run on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I ran on Monday and I blogged about it. I was supposed to run yesterday, but I had a conference off campus and I had to buy LM some new pjs among other things so I didn’t get to run yesterday either. I was like fine, I will just run Thursday (today). But of course it won’t happen today either.

LM has had a cold for a week. He started to get a runny nose last thursday afternoon. He has had congestion, a cough, and runny nose all week. He has also been major cranky at times, and very clingly. He has been having crying fits when I drop him off at daycare for like a minute or two, but after that he is fine. He has been slowly getting better all week and hubs and I have been watching him and thinking about if we should bring him in and check his ears. LM does have tubes, but last time hubs brought him in they said one of his tubes isn’t there anymore (ACK!) and the other one is working it’s way out. Oh jeez. I love those tubes. They made it easy to tell if he had an ear infection and made it just drain out so that he didn’t get them much at all compared to before. So now I am not sure if he has an ear infection or not. When dropping him off I noticed that one of his ears (not sure if it’s the one with the tube in it or not) looked a little waxy and last night he was up fussing a lot so I made him an appointment and will be bringing him in.

I was talking to my husband about my boss and having to listen to her throw up and he suggested that I use his headphones. He likes to shoot so he let me borrow his ear protection. They just look like big head phones you would listen to music with. Today is the first day I am using them. I am sitting at my desk, listening to a podcast on my ipod so I have ear buds in my ears, and then the headphones on top of that. I *think* they are working well. I can hear a background noise like she is clearing her throat and I can hear coughing sometimes, but that is about all I can hear. I can’t say for sure she threw up today because I’m trying to avoid it, but I think she did. So yea for a possible solution. She also told her boss and the doctor we work with that she is pregnant, so maybe they won’t look at me like I’m crazy sitting at my desk with ear protection head phones on.


Brought LM to the doctor and he does have an ear infection. Here we come amoxicillan.

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  1. Oh no, poor Little Man. 😦 Hopefully you caught it early and it will pass quickly!
    It cracks me up to think of you sitting there with giant ear protection earphones on. 😉

  2. Oh no! Another ear infection! Those are the worst, I’m so sorry. Glad the earphones are working, but yes, that’s hilarious thinking of you working with those things on!

    And get back on the running horse – you can do it!!!

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