Couch 2 5k

So I decided to start Couch to 5k again. I think I mentioned this in my last entry, but I can’t remember for sure. I quit the last time I tried on week three, but this time I have been exercising some first so hopefully I am in better shape and less likely to quit.

I did week 2 day 1 yesterday. Week one was pretty easy and smooth. Over the weekend I decided to go to a real running store and buy some good running shoes to see if that would make a difference. The guy watched me walk and told me I needed support shoes I think because I pronate or turn my feet inward. I made the mistake of not wearing them in a little first. I wore them yesterday and they felt so heavy compared to the shoes I had been using last week. I think I am just feeling the heaviness of the support in the shoes though. Hopefully I just need to get used to them and by friday everything will be all good. Week two is defintley harder, I had to push myself, but I think I was just feeling a little sluggish on Monday. Week two is walking 2 minutes and running for 90 seconds for twenty minutes. I hope that by the time I do it the third time on friday I will do a lot better.

This time around I have been reading a lot of posts about running and runners and different things you can do. I doubt I will become a “real runner” but I’d like to give this a real shot and see how I can do. Maybe I will even blog more because of it. I’m going to try anyways. Anyone else doing it who wants to be my buddy?

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  1. Hi! Congrats on the exercise! I’m right with you – I started the couch to 5K and quit at three weeks! I’m going to try just walking for a while. When that gets boring, I’ll try the program again. Let’s see if I can just stick with walking long enough for it to get boring. 🙂
    Glad you and LM are doing great! Can you believe I have a two year old???

    • Hah you quit at the same point as me. Good luck with the walking, that is how I started out. I have been just walking on the treadmill since the beginning of march and then just recently decided to try to add in some running. I can’t believe you have a two year old! Mine will be two in about 3 and a half months!

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