20 months

LM is now 20 months old. Four months away from being two! How did that happen?? Speaknig of his birthday I am thinking of having a small party again with a transportation theme. These days his favorite things are cars, trucks, and buses. He looks for them everywhere.

Right now I feel like he is really into playing tricks. Many times when I turn around he tries to do something he knows he isn’t supposed to do. When I am changing his diaper in the morning he straightens his legs and giggles so that I can’t get his legs out of his pjs. Sometimes he will ask for something, then when I go to get it he will say no with a grin and push it away. So when I say fine I will put it away he gets upset and then acts like he really does want it. Toddlers…

He is wearing mainly size 18 clothes, but some of his 12 month stuff still fit and some are a little small. He is still in size three diapers (don’t think we will ever get out of those). He is so verbal and is really into his books. He knows what is coming next in a book and seems to really get into the story.

Right now I think he is cutting some of his two year molars because he has been knawing on his fingers, drinking more milk than food at times, and got a cold which tends to happen when teeth are coming. I think most of the congestion is done with but we are still working on the cough.

I have been working out consistently (every monday, wednesday, and friday) after work and before I pick LM up for three weeks! Go me. I notice exercising is getting a little easier.I tend to do 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30 sit ups on the exercise ball, and then 15 crunch things on the left side and the right side with this crunch machine they have at ten pounds. I am thinking about trying to do the couch to 5k program again, but I’m a little nervous. Last time I only made it to week three and then quit. However, this time I have already been working out for three weeks before I even start it so maybe I’ll do better. I feel like I have lost some inches, but the scale isn’t that impressed. I still am wavering around where I have been plus a couple of pounds. I know I need to be more careful with eating, but I am not doing horrible.

This weekend is the whole bachelorette party and wedding that I have been planning/talking about forever. I really hope everything goes well! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Time goes way too fast my friend. I can’t believe he’s almost two. I can’t believe mine is almost two. Good for you on the consistent work out routine. It’s so hard but once you get into a grove it seems to be easier to make yourself go.

    I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts this weekend. Hope it is a blast and all goes well.

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