New adventure

I was talking to a friend of mine at work about gyms and being healthy and she suggested I join the gym at work. I have thought about it, but with daycare costs coming out of my paycheck I have been hesitant. It really is a good price though. $12 a paycheck so $24 a month. I thought about how much I pay to buy my lunch for a week and it came up to about $25 so I decided to do it and to try to bring my lunch more.

I went to talk to the guy and found out there is an exercise science college student doing a project where he makes up work out programs for people which I thought is cool. I normally just walk on the treadmill. Having someone tell me what the best thing to do will help I think. I am going to try to work out right after work as I tend to wait 30 minutes or so to pick up LM anyways because of snack time. If he sees me he is done eating and he tends to not want to leave for a bit anyway.

I start march 2nd. I go away for our yearly conference this week (hello room service and sleeping in a little 🙂  ) .  I keep thinking about it and hoping I can stick with it and do a good job.

So yes I am taking a plane tomorrow afternoon. Think of me and send me good vibes. I tend to get motion sickness with turbulence, take off and landing. I will be happy when I am there and off the plane. I will miss hubs and LM but hubs mom is going to stay over and help out. I will be back Wednesday which isn’t too long.

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  1. Jen

    Good luck with the exercise plan! Always helpful to have someone in the know give you pointers!

  2. Good luck with the traveling. Sending good vibes your way. I know it’s difficult when kids are involved, but try to enjoy the time you get to yourself. Good deal on the gym. My membership was $40 a month, but I decided to drop it and invested in a good incline treadmill. That way I have no issues getting there as I sometimes do.

    Oh, Thank you BTW. 🙂 And the answer is Boston. We live in Wisconsin now.

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