Mom friends

I feel like I haven’t written in a while. I want to blog more, but 1) I am busy. I work all morning, pick LM up from daycare, and then it’s just me and him until hubs comes home around 7pm. This past month I had one weekend where I was at home and not traveling. I am tired. 2) My life is kinda boring. I work and take care of LM. I’m not a party animal with lots of hobbies. 3) I’m not really sure what to write about anymore. I don’t want to be totally boring and I tend to shoot down my entries before I write them.

So what’s new? LM is a year and a half. Actually almost 19 months now. I can’t believe it. I feel like he learns new words each day. Yesterday he put his hand up to me to say stop and he said Move! LOL. He loves to throw his toys on the floor so that they will come apart into pieces (the ones that are supposed to come apart anyways) and try to put them back together. My hub’s is an enginner lol. He is now done with all therapies which is great. I am so proud of how far he has come. We just bought him a potty and I think he likes it. Every time I go to the bathroom he comes in with me and sits on his potty with me. It takes forever for him to get out of the bathroom because he keeps wanting to sit down on the potty. That and get into the toilet paper.

MIL is going to watch LM for valentines day which will be really nice. However, since FIL died she hasn’t come over on a regular basis yet to hang with LM and help me out any. I feel totally rude saying it and I think she should do what feels right to her, but I sometimes feel like she is so disorganized that she isn’t really going to set a day to come over every week like she was talking about to help. We will see. The three oldest kids in his daycare class are starting to move up to the next class this week. That means he will be the oldest again. I think he will probably move up around april or may. I feel like he hasn’t been in this class that long because of the delay getting him in there. I’m nervous already for the transition into the next classroom. I know I know it won’t be for a few more months so I should just enjoy it now. He is just so into routines and doesn’t do well with transitions and new things. I am sure he will adjust and be fine eventually. I’m kinda excited about it too though. I can’t believe he will have been in four classrooms then. He’s growing up 🙂

I want to make some mom friends. I have some good twitter and blog friends with kids around the same age as me/same age children, but no one local. I am shy to begin with so that makes it worse. When parents come into daycare in the morning I want to say hi, be my friend! But that sounds totally awquard and dumb. I need to find a way to do it more normal. Maybe once it starts getting warmer again we will meet some new people on the playground. Anyone have any tips on making some mom friends? I looked into joining a mom group but they are all during the time I work. I so wish there was a strollercize class or something near by, but there isn’t.

I hope that everyone is doing ok. I have been reading blogs, but I tend to read them on my phone on the short breaks I get and rarely get the chance to leave comments. Just know that I am reading you and rooting for you wherever you are in your journey.

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  1. So glad he is doing well!

    It is hard making new mommy friends. I have a couple close fiends that had babies around the same time as I did so I got lucky–sometimes I just strt chatting up moms at BRU, or the grocery store or library–I’ve often thought about how to get a play date from that but it feels like being single again :-/

  2. It’s so hard making mommy friends. I really only have one, and we only connect at church. We keep saying that we need to set a playdate, but it just never seems to happen. It doesn’t help that every one of my friends who have kids had them in their early twenties… so all their kids are in middle school now. I’m kind of hoping that when we start enrolling Ginny in some programs that I might meet some people. But that’s not on the slate until early summer.

    Know that we’re out here, whenever you get the chance to pop in.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. You are too sweet. I feel like a lot of my friends don’t have kids or have older ones. I think I pushed away some of my potential mom friends when I couldn’t get pregnant. I am hoping as LM gets older and has real friends I will get to know their moms.

  3. hi! i check in from time to time. so glad to hear LM is doing well! have a wonderful valentine’s day celebration. re: making mom friends, i try to meet moms through my local online mom’s group. can you try something like that? good luck!

    • Thanks for your comment. It is nice to hear from you. How did you find your online moms group? That sounds like a good idea.

      • Ran into another friendly mom at the grocery store and she told me about it. It’s through yahoo groups. Maybe search and see if you can find one? Try Google, too, or even

  4. I’ve been searching high and low for good mommy friends. It’s hard. I belong to one online mommy group through Facebook, and it’s okay. But, most of the moms live in another city. I hope you and DH have a great Valentine’s Day!

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