Crap weekend

So this past weekend we went to visit some family a bunch of states away. I was already a little nervous about this because it’s a long trip and I tend to get motion sickness on long trips and especially so when they have windy roads. Let’s just say it was not a good weekend.

1) Hubs and I were already tired and running low on sleep due to working and taking care of LM.

2) LM got diagnosed with strep a day before we left. He didn’t sleep well the night before and he wasn’t feeling well when we left.

3) I got up at 5am that morning, worked all day, went to walgreens, got home, had two hours to pack, and then we were on the road to my brother in laws.

4) It was raining and there was poor visability. Because it was raining and it was rush hour there was bumper to bumper traffic and it took an extra hour to get to brother in laws house.

5) When we finally got to BIL’s place LM didn’t want to eat much becaue he wasn’t feeling well and because it was past normal eating time, it was closer to bed time.

6) We finally get on the road around 7pm for a 6 hour trip…We are not going at night anymore it just doesn’t work. We finally got there at around 1:30-2am. LM is like what the heck is going on and where am I? He is sick, tired, hungry, and doesn’t know where he was so he was not happy.

7) We finally calm him down some, but he has been sleeping in the car so he doesn’t want to go to bed. So we play with hub’s aunt’s dog until 3-4am when he finally goes to sleep. He doesn’t like the pack and play we brought though so he ends up in bed with us.

8) Of course in our hurried packing we left the bag of pacifiers at home so we only have one pacifier with us that he had already dropped on the ground getting out of the car. So we just washed that thing a bunch of times.

9) LM was still fighting strep so he kept getting random fevers that would break and was very whiny/clingy in an unfamiliar environment that was not childproof at all. They have collections of all sorts of stuff and things were everywhere. I also feel like there are not much around for meals except for the big ones that everyone gathers at. We normally end up going to the store when we get there to get the things we need, but we didn’t get a chance to.

10) They have a big dog which is nice, but doesn’t know his own strength. I had to keep an eye out that he didn’t knock him over.

11) I had a stomach bug of some sort on monday for a day, but then felt better. When I woke up on saturday I kept having to go to the bathroom to make it less tmi. I ended up taking two immodium and then felt awful. So I ended up skipping the big get together we drove up for in the first place because I felt so bad. I barely ate anything that day and just sorta napped. I am wondering if it was just the stress from the day before.

12) I was so happy for it to be sunday and ready to go home. I was nervous how my stomach would do because of motion sickness and feeling crappy on saturday. I did well though the motion sickness drugs make me feel loopy/tired.

13) We finally get home late afternoon and our house is a mess. We have no food in the fridge and no laundry is done for LM for daycare because we haven’t been home.

I feel like I got no weekend and boom back to the work week again. Thankfully my parents will be down this weekend. They watch LM and let us sleep in and catch a little bit of a break.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a horrible trip. I hope your parent’s visit will give you some well deserved sleep and rest!!

  2. FCblacksheep

    Wow that’s a lot for one weekend. We had to to travel two towns away for a baptism and that in itself was exhausting. Several states away? Girl you deserve a medal. Hope you feel better and rest up this coming weekend.

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