So we figured out I think why LM was so cranky. Turns out a small stomach bug went through hubs side of the family. There is no throwing up, but for one day you feel really nasty and nauseated and then the next couple of days you spend getting your normal stomach back. It was my turn on Monday. I tried going to work, but it didn’t happen. LM still doesn’t have his regular eating amounts back to where they were, but its better than what it was.

I keep hearing about how sick everyone is with random nasty bugs on the net and the news. It makes me nervous for what LM is potentially going to be exposed too and makes me wish I could stick him in a bubble. He has some immunity from last winter and he got the flu shot this year though. Doesn’t stop me from being nervous about how he woke up this morning with a intermittent chest cough and that he is going to be exposed to a large amount of extended family and children soon. It will be nice to see everyone and I hope if they are really sick they will stay home.

I finally booked my train tickets for my friend’s surprise bridal shower. Today was the first day I am starting to get excited about it. I am friends with her mom too so it will be nice to see them both and relax a bit. I will be a little sad to leave LM for the weekend but I keep telling myself hubs will be fine and his mom will probably come help some.

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  1. This reminds me….how is the bachelorette planning going?

    We have been across the country. All of us had two different strains of the GI bug. Both with vomiting. Even the baby who was sick to begin with. Also, upper res infections. I am anal about washing hands etc. Sometimes it just doesn’t help. I hope LM is okay and doesn’t throw up.

    Thinking of you. Enjoy the bridal shower!

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